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and all prices are plus VAT


G9 LED - starting price £2.50 plus VAT

G4s LED £2.50  plus VAT



R39 LED reflector lamp £3.00 each plus VAT

R50 LED Reflector Lamps starting price £3.00  plus VAT

R80 LED Reflector Lamps starting price £5.00 plus VAT

DET 221 LED tubular lamps starting price £5.00 plus VAT limited stock

SOX (low pressure sodium) starting price £24.00 each plus VAT

SON starting price £8.00 plus VAT

Metal Halide starting price £8.00 each plus VAT

Infra Red Lamps £6.60 each plus VAT




      5W LED Cooker Hood Lamps £4.00 each plus VAT

Oven Lamps £2.00 each plus VAT

Compact fluorescent L Type starting price £5.00 plus VAT

Compact fluorescent S type £2.00 each plus VAT

Compact fluorescent D type £3.00 each plus VAT


We also stock a range of general purpose LEDs