Flexible Cables of Various Size PVC Insulated & Sheathed Flexible Cords - Arctic Grade       Twin & Earth     PVC Insulated, PVC Sheathed Cables with Circuit Protective Conductor

3 core & Earth                                   Satellite Coax    Satellite TV Coaxial Cable as CT100

YY Cable                                     YY PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flexible Control Cable        SY Cable             SY Steel Wire Braid Armoured Flexible PVC Control Cable

Security Cable                           Alarm Cable      Tri-Rated Cable   Tri-Rated Switchgear and Panel Wiring Cables
Soft Skin Fire Protection        Firesure®         Mineral Insulated     MINERAL INSULATED COPPER CABLES - Fire Survival Cable

Armoured cable                      XLPE Insulated, Bedded and Sheathed, Steel Wire Armoured Cables


Metal Cable Sheathing Metal Cable Sheathing 2 Inch : Electrical Products            PVC Cable Trunking      
Metal Cable Tray                    Flexible Conduit     
PVC Conduit    PVC Round Conduit       Dado & Skirting Trunking   

Adaptable Boxes    




White Moulding             

Decorative Including Flat Plates     

Metalclad sockets and switches        

Grid Switches and Data products          

Weatherproof sockets and switches       




Amendment 3 Consumer Units     

TPN Distribution Boards            Switch and Switch Fuses               

 Single Pole MCB's 

RCD'S        RCCB'S                 RCBO'S   



Domestic Heating     

Commercial Heating     Extractor Fans